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Railway diagnostics system

evopro Innovation offers its onboard and wayside railway diagnostics systems for continuous monitoring of infrastructure and rolling stock assets. The measurement systems enable the operators to improve safety of railway traffic and to increase the efficiency of freight transport.


The ERDM240 is a dynamic wheel load diagnostic system (WILD) for measurement of wheel load, axle load, wagon load and detection of wheel defects at traveling speed. evopro Innovation was awarded in Hungarian Product Prize in 2014, Innovation Grand Prize in 2015 for the development of ERDM system.


  • measurement of wheel load, axle load and wagon load

  • detection of overloading and asymmetric loading conditions

  • detection of wheel flats, and bogie problems

  • transmission of automatic alarm signals for operating stations


  • increase the safety of railway traffic

  • verification of rated axle loading on track

  • comparison of measured and declared payload

  • detection and signaling vehicle problems

  • increase the utilization and availability of infrastructure

  • support condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of railway vehicle


The eRTM is a wireless sensor network for monitoring the temperature of the railway track.


increased safety

  • increase safety of railway by detection and prediction of buckling, avoid derailment

low operating costs

  • decrease the lifecycle costs of infrastructure

  • energy optimization for the track heater circuits

economic efficiency and profitability

  • increase efficiency and availability of the infrastructure by localization of the speed limitation

  • predictive maintenance planning by modeling the thermal behavior of the track


The eRVM is a railway vibration diagnostic system measuring the three dimensional acceleration with high resolution and accuracy. The wayside eRVM system detects the wheel defects and other irregular condition of the passing trains. The onboard eRVM monitors the dynamic behavior of the vehicle components and the impact forces applied on the vehicle and goods.


  • measurement of the dynamic forces in direction of the wheel, bogie or other components of the vehicle

  • dynamic modeling of the vehicle by instrumentation of wheel, bogie, car body

  • quality control for transporting special goods

  • axle counting

  • detection of wheel defects and bogie problems

  • measurement and monitoring the deflection of the track


The railway vehicle diagnostic service is suitable for the continuous technical condition monitoring of each wagon and passenger car, using the data of the track-side measuring systems, to identify trend-like or significant changes in the diagnostic characteristics derived from the measurements.


  • increase the level of traffic- and operational safety

    • tracking the wheel-, axle- and bogie condition of railway vehicles

    • recognizing trends and rapid (significant) changes in the technical condition and forecasting expected alarms

    • screening of railway vehicles in inappropriate technical condition

  • increase economic efficiency

    • increasing vehicle utilization through conditional maintenance

    • reducing vehicle maintenance costs by supporting an optimal maintenance strategy

    • supporting condition-dependent, predictive and preventive maintenance strategies

    • preserving the condition of railway infrastructure, increasing availability and reducing lifetime costs by identifying vehicles in need of repair


Dr. Zsolt Szepessy

Business Unit Leader I

Railway Diagnostics Systems

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