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  • analysis methods: Feature extraction and selection, Regression, Clustering, Classification, PCA, SVD, k-Means, kNN, Random forest, XGBoost, Deep learning, LSTM

  • tools: Hadoop, Kafka, Data Lake Storage, Databricks, Spark, Keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch, CNTK, Scikit-learn, mxnet, Devops, MLflow, ONNX Jupyter Notebook, Python, Matlab, OpenCV, CUDA

  • databases: SQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Influx



  • requirement analysis, planning, modelling,

  • signal and image processing

  • vibration analysis

  • exploratory analysis, machine learning,

  • condition monitoring, predictive maintenance

Data Analysis

Extract information from data, build knowledge and provide actionable insight using cutting-edge technologies.

  • industrial measurements, time series analysis,

  • analysis of signal measurement requirements, modeling

  • measurement design

  • data analysis

  • machine learning

Focus areas

Main domains

  • railway

  • industrial automation

  • electromobility

evopro Innovation Ltd. has extensive experience in processing business or measurement data, interpreting extracted information, and developing artificial intelligence applications. In addition to fixed-price, project-based analysis and development, the data analytics group also offers hourly engineering services to its customers and partners.


Dr. István Szatmári

Competence Team Leader I

Data Analytics Group

  • vibration diagnostics and acoustic condition monitoring

  • industrial condition monitoring

  • railway condition monitoring and predictive maintenance


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