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Engineering Services

evopro Innovation Ltd, in addition to its product development and project-based services, is happy to provide T&M Engineering Services to its customers and partners.

Our clients include domestic and foreign start-ups, SMEs, as well as large multinational companies.

We provide our engineering services, typically, but not exclusively, in the following areas:

  • Software development (JAVA, C # .Net, C, C ++, various web technologies, etc.)

  • Hardware development

  • Testing

  • Project management

Our Engineering Services department is available to its customers with time and material services in the fields covered by our company. If the organizational and/or cost structure of our clients requires, our experts, engineers and developers work time and material based by joining our clients' own teams or organizational structure. This collaboration can be implemented either on-site or off-site, as agreed.

We strive for a strategic relationship with our customers in order to provide a reliable and flexible solution for their engineering tasks. Evopro Innovation’s long-term academic network and efficiently established internship program both ensure systematic engineering team building, while its efficient recruitment processes also respond to the dynamically changing needs of clients.


Géza Szakter

Business Unit Leader I 

Engineering Services

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