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About Us

evopro Innovation was founded in 2012 and we operate in Budapest and in Debrecen. With the EiLabs team, we provide innovative and unique engineering solutions to our partners, and we achieve pioneering results with our own railway diagnostic products. We conduct active R&D activities in both areas.

In the field of engineering services, we create something new by using the latest trends in technology, measurement techniques, and software development, together with a research and creative design attitude. Our railway diagnostics measuring systems are also suitable for increasing the safety of traffic and the efficiency of transport.

Our core values

  • Ethical operation towards our partners and employees

  • Traditional quality-based engineering approach

  • Application of the latest technology

  • Flexibility and creativity in value creation

Our membership


  • EIT Digital

  • HiPEAC

  • Hungarian Association for Innovation

We are constantly developing our competencies. Become a member of our team!

​Our clients trust us, so we become long-term innovation partners.

Our partners
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