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Why is it worth choosing us?
  • You will have a stable, long-term job at us

  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience in exciting, innovative projects

  • We are a young and cohesive team

  • We support your development with language and professional training opportunities

  • We support a healthy lifestyle with our own Sports Association

  • We also provide a HomeOffice option

  • We offer attractive benefit packages

With applying you accept our privacy policy. You can apply with your professional CV also by e-mail at!

C++ Developer


Primary Responsibilities

• Work as a C++ analytical / distributed infrastructure software engineer improving software design and implementation of pricing and market simulation models.
• Take part in various stages of the software development process with a particular focus on design, implementation, DevOps practices, improving scalability, performance, and efficiency of strategies.
• Learn about all sorts of derivative products and their markets.


• Solid in-depth knowledge of C++ and STL/boost libraries
• Gain experience in working with C++ 17 and C++ 20 on a large analytical codebase using all means of parallelization.
• Solid knowledge of object-oriented design and architecture, design patterns
• Ability to innovate, and good problem-solving skills
• Deep knowledge of data structures and algorithms
• Have the opportunity to deepen your experience with large scale real-time high-performance concurrent systems, cloud computing, data structures and algorithms.
• Enhance your problem solving and communication skills in a multi-cultural global environment.
• Interest in finance and derivative products


• Familiarity with multithreading and multi-process distributed programming
• Familiarity with one of the major databases (Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, etc)
• Knowledge of at least one scripting language (such Perl, Python, etc)
• Knowledge of Linux OS and a shell scripting language (ksh, bash, etc)
• Knowledge of Java or Scala language

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