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Why is it worth choosing us?
  • You will have a stable, long-term job at us

  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience in exciting, innovative projects

  • We are a young and cohesive team

  • We support your development with language and professional training opportunities

  • We support a healthy lifestyle with our own Sports Association

  • We also provide a HomeOffice option

  • We offer attractive benefit packages

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Technical Writer


Primary Responsibilities

• Collaborate with technical coordinator to help develop and complete systems engineering documentation for various control systems at our partner.
• Periodic status reporting to subproject manager.


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in relevant topic.
• 2+ years of experience from developing systems engineering documentation (e.g. requirement specification, system design documents, verification plans).
• Documented experience with technical documentation of control systems.
• Experience with software development projects and a general strong understanding of software documentation.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
• Excellent oral and written English.


• Previous experience technical documentation for particle accelerators or other “big science” project.
• Previous experience from open source projects.
• Experience as software developer.
• Hands on experience with control systems (e.g. PLC based industrial automation systems or similar).
• Hands on experience with fast data acquisition systems (FPGA, digitizers etc).

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