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  • You will have a stable, long-term job at us

  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience in exciting, innovative projects

  • We are a young and cohesive team

  • We support your development with language and professional training opportunities

  • We support a healthy lifestyle with our own Sports Association

  • We also provide a HomeOffice option

  • We offer attractive benefit packages

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Senior C++ Developer


Primary Responsibilities

• Design, develop, debug and verify a C-based software library. The delivered library will support all functionality of several PCIe modules used in an embedded Linux environment.
• Write and execute unit tests.
• Develop proof of concept applications that demonstrate appropriate use of the library.
• Assist others in incorporating the library in several applications.
• Produce documentation according to ESS standards.


• 10 years of experience in software development.
• Demonstrated expertise in the following:
> C/C++ software development,
> Debugging tools,
> Version control and continuous integration,
> Verification strategies and tools.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills, particularly within a multidisciplinary team.
• Excellent oral and written English skills.


• MS degree in computer engineering or a related field.
• Experience developing software solutions for PCIe-based systems in Linux embedded environments.
• Development of high-throughput data acquisition systems.
• Experience using Git for version control.
• Previous experience in Scrum project methodology.

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