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  • You will have a stable, long-term job at us

  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience in exciting, innovative projects

  • We are a young and cohesive team

  • We support your development with language and professional training opportunities

  • We support a healthy lifestyle with our own Sports Association

  • We also provide a HomeOffice option

  • We offer attractive benefit packages

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Data Engineer


Primary Responsibilities

• Develop IT systems covering various aspects of the business run by their Institutional Securities (Fixed Income and Equities) division.
• Have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with their business user and learn business concepts like how certain financial products and financial markets work.
• Participate in every stage of the lifecycle of an IT system ranging from gathering the requirement and refining user stories, designing solutions, and writing code to help their support organization to answer the most interesting user questions.
• Work on a diverse technology landscape involving various programming languages (Java, Scala, Python), data management systems, CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins).
• The team has a wide coverage on technical and business problems to solve ranging from developing data integration and feeding solutions having extreme throughput and resiliency requirements to calculating regulatory scenarios requested by their Market Risk Department. The choice will primarily depend on skillset, personal interest and team fit.


• Bachelors or Masters in any relevant field of IT/Engineering.
• 4 - 10 years of experience in designing and building architecting highly resilient data platforms.
• Strong knowledge of data engineering, architecture and data modeling.
• Experience in platforms like Databricks, Snowflake and Kafka.
• Experience on building applications on cloud (AWS or Azure or Google Cloud).
• Prior experience in developing data or computation intensive (e.g. grid based) backend applications is an advantage.
• Strong programming skills (Java/ Scala / Python) skills with the willingness to pick up the other language if not already mastered at a sufficient level.
• OOP design skills with an understanding or at least personal interest towards the concepts of Functional Programming.
• Willingness to understand and enhance other people’s code, being able to work in an environment where developers will oversee and work on wider components also dealing with older “legacy” code.
• Prior experience in working with Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, working with PR-s, using JIRA, following the Scrum Agile methodology is an advantage.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Prior knowledge of financial products is an advantage A good command of English and in general good communication skills.


• Following the Scrum Agile methodology.
• Prior knowledge of financial products.

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